Monday, May 31, 2010

A Baby Thank You Redone

A few weeks ago I posted this card. It was the original to today's card. I asked my friend Sandy for some advice on how to improve my cards and she said LAYERS!! I tend to like the clean and simple look but sometimes it's just not enough. In this case she's absolutely right. I'm making a set of thank you notes for my niece. There's a baby shower coming up the end of July and I thought it would be fun for her to have some special thank you cards for closest friends and family. I decided this JJ image from Bugaboo would work really well. The original sentiment is Baby made me eat it! I changed it and on the inside I'll stamp Just a Not to Say Thank You. Kind of a play on when we were kids and Mom had to force us to write thank you notes. Any way I took a hard look at the original card and decided that if I'm making cards as a gift then they ought to be better (I was thinking in terms of keeping them simple so I could assembly line them easily).
After I had reached the decision to add more layers I just grabbed my stack of DP and started pulling out the ones that made me think of little boys. I had a lot more than I thought, my next problem was I had to orient my cards vertically because of the image and some of the papers were oriented horizontally and then I saw this post and my problem was solved because the third card showed me what to do, instead of using the DP over most of the card base, use a portion of it and mat it. This made for more cutting and matting but it really made me more satisfied with the cards.
What do you think. Thanks for stopping by, have a terrific Memorial Day.


Gwen said...

Hee hee...super cute card!!!

Sandy Hulsart said...

I think now it looks so much better. The choice of brown card stock is perfect and I love just the bit of DP at the bottom sets the image off perfectly. Great job, Kathy.