Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shower Invite

This is the baby shower invitation I'm making for Michelle's shower in July. I'm using the Rock-A-Bye-Baby Click Simple Template from Papertrey.

When I heard that Michelle was expecting I immediately went to the site and got this template. I had thought it was a cute idea when I first saw it but didn't think I'd have a use for it. Wrong.

I used my Photoshop Elements 2 to print out the invitation info on the back of this paper (I ran off 20 with the wrong info as I told you yesterday). Then I was able to set it up that I could get 4 image per 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper The invitations are slightly smaller than a normal A2 size, they're 4.2 by 5 but it still works.

I used Google images to download the store logos that she's registered at. So much easier than adding in those little cards. (Target doesn't give out those cards anymore anyway). I ran a Copic marker, Cashmere around the edge of the Onesie and around the "applique" I ran Dim Green. Some of the invitations will be done on the green paper with the yellow "applique". Got to have some variety ya know.
I did blur out some of the info, security you know. Wouldn't want any crank calls or emails.
I hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.

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