Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Dylan

I had such fun making this card. My nephew Dylan turns 18 today. This is my baby nephew born to my baby sister. Does this mean I'm getting old ??? No!!!
Beth sent me an email with photos of Dylan pitching for his high school baseball team. I thought he looked really great and decided that they would be the perfect focal point for this card.
I copied them to my Photoshop Elements 2 program and sized them to fit the front of a card that would fit into a business envelope (appropriate since I'm sending a check). I computer generated the sentiment on the front, on the inside I just wrote "who has all the right moves" .
There is no stamping on this card, but there was a lot of struggle since I haven't mastered Photshop Elements yet (will I ever).
Hope you like it any way and thanks for stopping by.

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