Friday, November 5, 2010

Kellen Paul

I don't have a card to post and may not have one for a few days. I'm just back from meeting the newest member of the family. Steve and Michelle (nephew and niece-in-law) had this little bundle of joy last month. Two of my sisters and I descended on the Grandma and Grandpa, otherwise known as Meme and Papa, last weekend for a few days of baby madness.

We spent as much time as possible holding him and taking photos. I'm sure the poor tyke is going to suffer from trauma of flashing lights or else he'll think he's a star and the paparazzi are after him.

I hope to be back to card making tomorrow but the new roof is going to be started tomorrow AM so we'll see. Thanks for listening to my ramble.
I actually drafted this post last month and just now found it. He's even cuter and I won't get to see him until Christmas boo hoo.

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