Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sympathy Cards

I'm faced with my annual project of making sets of cards for Christmas gifts. I started years ago giving a set of six cards as a gift to family and friends. Over the year my family and friends list has grown to about 20. Now what is happening is that some have told me that they love the cards but they especially love the sympathy cards and then they gently tell me which ones they like the best. Hint, hint. My sisters are a little more direct and just place their orders ahead of time.

This of course saves me a lot of work designing cards, but the cards they all want the most are sympathy cards. What does that say about us??? Well I love making cards but it does get a bit depressing to make sad cards all the time. I have one friend who asks for very simple cards like this one with just the sail boat from PaperTrey's Masculine Motifs with the sentiment from Communique Sentiments.

Then there are those who like something a little bit more. Like this one. I have to say that I like both of them but this one is a little more fun to make. I used the cross and sentiment from PapeTrey's Everyday Blessings. This is a gorgeous set that I haven't used very much but I can see it coming really handy now.
Hope you like my cards and thanks for stopping by.

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