Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Bird Told Me.....

I saw this card in the July/August issue of Paper Crafts magazine and just was wowed by the simplicity of it. Do you remember that old party game we played as kids? The one where there is a line of kids and the first one whispers something in the ear of the next person and then they repeat it to the next and to the next and at the end you see how different it is from the first. This image makes me think of that game. Or the Bye Bye Birdie show where all the kids are talking on the phone setting up dates and or gossiping about everyone else. Oh what memories this card invokes. Okay picture me shaking my head and saying get back to business.
I grabbed my coupon for Michael's and went out bought this Martha Stewart punch right away. I computer generated the sentiment onto my card base then went to my scrap drawer and pulled out three pieces and punched away. A little Quickie glue pen to the back of each bird and I was done.

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Sandy Hulsart said...

Love that punch, Kathy and this is a very cute card!