Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Final Four

I spent the weekend playing basketball. Well not really. Michigan State made it to the Final Four this weekend and it was a hard fought game. I'm not sure they could have made it with out all the hootin' and hollerin' that was going on in my house. It seems as though we ran up and down the court with those athlete's. I didn't of course, I maintained my cool. Hah ! I couldn't watch the whole game, I had to flip back and fourth because every time I peeked at the game Tenn. scored or got the ball on a turnover. So Spartans you can thank me and all the other fans that worked so hard to keep you in the game. I'm sure all the yelling we did at the refs for their bonehead calls made a difference. Also all the boos we yelled at the other team, and the suggestions we made to the coaches helped too. I really think we may have been loud enough to be heard all the way there. Next weekend will be spent watching the next game and then we'll either be clebrating and waiting for Monday or in mourning. Let's hope for a celebration.
I'm not sure how much stamping I'll get done this week since the weather is suppose to be great and it will be a good time to get yard work done but I've got some new toys and I want to play.

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