Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I've Been AWOL

First we went on vacation to Tenn. the first weekend in April with friends. This photo was taken from our balcony, you can't see it from this photo but beyond the woods is a golf course, which made the guys happy/miserable. Happy because they could play golf, miserable because it was a tough course and it had been raining.

After we returned home some renovations were scheduled. First was all new windows. Wow what a difference, the old windows were original to the house (built in 1954) and the new ones really made a change in noise level and the amount of air coming through (from lots to zero). Also the front one is the only one I have to go outside to clean.yahoo!!!

Then I through an open house to celebrate Bruce's B'day ( he doesn't like me to say the # (3/4 of a century) so don't say anything). The guys sat down stairs and watched some of the Indy 500.

Now we are dealing with a kitchen reno and this is where we are at now. New cabinets are here, old cabinets empty and all the stuff scattered all over the house. Waiting for a call to say when they will start (pray soon). Every day is an adventure since I've already sold the stove, keeping the refrigerator as long as possible, but that will go as soon as demo starts.

Next on the agenda is getting trim work done around the new windows, just waiting for the estimate to come in. Hopefully we will survive all of this. Wish us luck.

Thanks for stopping by. I do have cards to post and they will start tomorrow.

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