Thursday, March 10, 2011

Four Flowers

Well when I get on a roll I keep on rolling. I had these embellishments out along with the medallions and decided that they deserved to be used. The package came with six of these flowers and I had used two of them and wanted to clear them off my desk rather than put them away (and forget I had them). These four cards really weren't planned out at all. The first thing I did was choose the card bases to go with each flower then I chose the DP's which in a couple of them changed the card bases. The first card used scraps from another card and a Martha doily, the second card I didn't have a ribbon I really liked so I layered a brown over creme, the third card had a mark on the DP so I found a scrap to run across the card and placed the flower over that, and the fourth card I pulled out my airbrush and colored the doily to match. It's a wonder I finished them at all.
Hope you like them and thanks for stopping by.

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