Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cleaned Up Desk

I've spent the last few days cleaning up my craft area (again). One of these days I mught actually be satisfied. I went to Michael's the other day to pick up some paint for my husband and passed by the storage items on sale 40% off. Hmm (I said to myself) these look intersting. There are actually two units here. The top is a four shelf cube and the bottom has shelves with storage boxes. I think I'm going to take the lids off the boxes since it's easier to get in and out of them more like drawers that way. After assembling them (and believe me that was a joke) I had fun moving stuff around and clearing out items I don't use anymore and ended up with enough space on my desk top where I can really work. I had time today to make some cards that I'll post over the next few days.
Hope you all have been having fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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