Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun Day

I had such a fun day yesterday. I went to my cousins house to play card making with several very fun ladies. Hi, Mary (cousin), Susan, Trudy and Carole.
I brought along my Cuttlebug, Nestabilities and all my Christmas stamps. What a whirl of crafting we had. Carole was a champion paper cutter, keeping us all supplied with paper for the various projects.
Trudy has two, yes I said two, daughters getting married over the next 6 to 8 months. She is doing all the invitations for the showers and the thank you notes. What a task, and that's not all she and my cousin are also doing the party favors and the food etc. etc. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
Lucky Susan is just getting started with crafting cards. Sue got the job of stamping out various images that Mary and her daughter Kristi wanted. Sue did a terrific job getting that task done.
I had the easy part, just showing how to use the Cuttlebug for embossing and then how to use it for the Nestabilities.
Mary, (who ran the sweat shop) went from project to project keeping us all on task, on top of getting the food organized. Each of the ladies brought something scrumptious to nibble on (except me) and Mary made the most delicious shrimp and mandarin orange salad. She also tried out a desert planned for the bridal shower and we all voted an emphatic yes.
So needless to say I made no cards yesterday. When I got home (it's a 90 minute drive each way) I was too pooped to bring everything in. The only thing I did bring in was a beautiful mum plant and a gift bag (with wine, tea and cookies) that the gang gifted me with for bring some of my toys for them to play with. Thank you ladies.
Well, I did bring all the stuff in this morning and it's now sitting on my dining table waiting to be sorted and put away. I think I'll do a little organizing while I'm at it. I need to take Eddie for a walk and then I need to get the rest of my flowers cleared out and pull the rest of the junk out to be put away and then I need to ........ Well you get the idea. Hope you have a fun day. Thanks for stopping by.

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