Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Work

Today is a non card post day. I'm too busy!!!! Unfortunately work has caught up with me. The day before yesterday I started staining our fence out back. I did the outside and the little fence in front last year and now I have to do the inside Ugh. Yesterday Bruce and I started to look for something in the garage and ended up cleaning it out. We managed to give a bunch of stuff to his son a few days ago and yesterday we gave some more STUFF to neighbors. We ended up with five bags of trash and a rug to throw out. The garage looks great now. We also did some more staining of the fence, Bruce doing the high and me the low. Works great on my thighs when I do squats and stretches. We started off the AM with more staining but it's getting hot so we're taking a break and heading out to find what we need for a banner and poster for his 55 year high school reunion. I've made banners before on the computer but I'm having trouble finding the paper. Bummer. I'll try to post cards tomorrow. I have Craft Night at my church tonight and plan to work on my Thanksgiving cards. See You.. Hove a great Labor Day weekend.

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