Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Crafty Halloween

We went a bought our pumpkins a week ago but they've been sitting out in the garage waiting to be cleaned up and decorated.  So the day before yesterday I finally felt well enough to tackle the job.  Cleaning them up was no problem but decorating????  That was a whole other story.  I'm really not a Halloween person and cutting up pumpkins is way to messy so I look for other ways to do the job.  I bought 5 pumpkins (is that crazy or what) and now had to come up with a way to decorate them.  So I grabbed my Sharpies and decided to doodle some faces.  The odd shape of the larger pumpkin was easy so that was done first, then I took a close look at the small round one and all the lines went in first and then I doodled eyes and bats, kind of like looking through prison bars, right?  So I had two done and had to come up with ideas for the other three.  I turned to my card making supplies for ideas and came up with Memories Mists in Whipped Cream and Black.  Perfect!  I took all the pumpkins out front and started spraying them, I did one of the small ones in white and one in black and the large one in both.   After I had them all done I coated them all with an acrylic spray.
We had a lot of Trick or Treaters last night (close to 300) and my pumpkins were a hit.
Hope you like them and thanks for stopping by.

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Renee said...

Too cute Kathy,funny little guys :)