Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rosie's Roadshow Revisited

Recently a card blogger I follow posted a challenge she made to herself to use every stamp she had in her card making.  Wow, that gave me pause.  I talked with my friend Renee about this and said I didn't think I would live long enough to use all the stamps I have.  The point the blogger made (and oh how I wish I could remember who it is) was that when you buy sets of stamps there usually one or two in the set that never sees ink.  I mentioned that I have a plastic shoe box of Rosie's Roadshow stamps (you can find them here) that had not seen the light of day in way too long and I needed to take a look at them.  (I also told her to come over and go thru my stamps and borrow some, I really hope she does that.)  So anyway I pulled out the box and grabbed some stamps and made this card.  One of the cute thing about these stamps is they are given names, the houses are Adobe, Slim and Bungalo, then there is Ramon (the saguaro cactus) and Lance,  the other cactus and of course Sun and Cloud.  I stamped onto Desert Storm Card stock from Ellen Hutson (used the same for the card base) matted with Dark Chocolate from Gina K and colored with Copics YR23,YG91, E30, E33, E42 E50 and E53.
I didn't use a sentiment because my creativeness didn't go so far as to tell me what to use this card for, so it can be anything.

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.

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Gina's Blog said...

pretty - you are so talented Kathy!