Saturday, May 4, 2013

Holographic Embossing Powder

Last weekend I went to Craft Day at my church and had so much fun.  It was a day for us to get together and share ideas and make cards.  Part of the day was dedicated to learning about heat embossing and how easy it is and really how much fun it is to see the magic of the embossing powder come to life.  I took all of my embossing powders with me and found this holographic powder that I've had for years and completely forgot about.  The card stock, ribbon and stamp were supplied by the sister of  our groups leader (Paula) who is a Creative Memory rep.  I did the top card first and when everyone saw it all they could do was ooh and aah.  Perfect reaction.
I then tried something different on the second card using white and holographic embossing powders at the same time.  On reflecting I should have done the holographic first and then the white on top to look like snow, but I still think it looks pretty.
I like them both and I hope you do also.
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