Saturday, June 25, 2016

What Now and Results

I have not posted cards on a regular basis in a long time. I've been making cards all along just haven't time to edit them and post but I'm determined to get back into the swing of it.  I've been working on water coloring quite a bit in several different mediums and Starry Colors by Gansai Tambi just dazzled me. I saw them on several web sites Prairie Paper and Ink and Jennifer McGuire.
I started to play with them on some scrap black card stock (top picture) and the colors are fabulous. There are six shades of gold paint, blue gold, red gold, yellow gold, champagne gold, light gold and white gold. Holy cow they are just gorgeous in person. After I finished play time I couldn't just throw them out so I set them up and looked at them for a couple of days and thought about what I wanted to do with them and the bottom picture is part of the result. the card with the ragged edge was the result of pulling off the tape I used to hold down the card stock to keep it from warping. Since it is not water color paper I had to be careful about how much water I used.
Hope you like them and thanks for stopping by.

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