Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yard Day Part 2

Well on to the next section of my pursuit of getting the yard in shape. I spent a good portion of the AM cleaning up the back yard. (this is a trick because the back yard is tiny). I have a problem with this stupid vine that winds all over everything. It became a pert of our landscape with a load of mulch that was put in a couple of years ago. I really hate this vine. Anyways I cleaned that up and pulled weeds etc. Then Bruce and I cut up limbs trimmed from the tree out front and swept up all the leaves that escaped our clean up last fall. The place is starting to look better. I planted my annual flowers and watered them. I'm taking a break now and will plant the perennials this afternoon. My friend Sandy gave me Day Lilies a couple of years ago and they need to be thinned out. I'm going to move them out to the curb side. (one less spot to mow). Break time is over. See ya.

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